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:star: Welcome to Yin and Yang :star:

The purpose of this course of action is to help fans and supporters of the connection between the Japanese animation characters Lucrezia Noin and Milliardo Peacecraft come to together, be able to share artwork and writings, and have a good time while spreading the word.

:star: Joining :star:

It's easy.
:bulletred: Be a fan of the connection between Milliardo and Noin, romantic or platonic at your own pleasure.
:bulletblue: Send us a note denoting if you want to be a contributor (someone who does stuff like regulate and help me around) or a member whose main purpose in life is posting what you do.
:bulletred: Please add us to your watch list and put our icon somewhere where it can be found to entice others to join.
:bulletblue: You'll be added to the list. Obviously.

:star: Submitting :star:

Any submissions to the club are fairly simple - we just ask for a few basic things so that we make sure we maintain a high quality gallery for others and ourselves.

:bulletred: Kindly keep your subject matter to Gundam Wing's characters Zechs or Noin, either together, or separate, it makes no difference to us (though we do prefer them together). This club is about exploring not only the club's main theme of their relationship (however you interpret it, romantic or platonic), but the characters themselves. Now, this if happens to include some of the other Gundam Wing characters, the admins will make the final call if you have a question in regards to your submission (like if you feel the main focal point may be incorrect, etc).

:bulletblue: All submissions must be complete if you intend to have the submission considered for any contests; otherwise you're free to submit any artwork at any stage.

:bulletred: All submissions must be entirely new works of art (relatively, I know we all have works in our galleries that are old that still deserve to be up, and since we're starting over, please, PLEASE resubmit), and not traced. I, KorsithKoris, consider tracing to be practice, so unless it's a vector, it's a no go, sorry. We want to encourage being creative with the subject matter we have at our disposal. :D

:bulletblue: To submit go into the Group Gallery, note the folders and submit to the designated folders by hitting the little "+" on the bar. I believe only members can submit to the "Featured" gallery, but I'd like then for people to have something in their description or otherwise that speaks as to what status the picture itself is at. From there it'll be moved around to the proper gallery.

:bulletred: Finally - Seriously, have fun, guys. :D

If you follow these guidelines and have artwork/writing you wish to submit, please, send the club a note entitled "New Artwork" and it will be posted as soon as possible.


:star: Members :star:
:iconkorsithkoris: :iconlucrezianoin: :iconsweetyteety: :iconyamina-chan: :iconkudaketa: :iconwindigofer: :iconbefore-i-sleep: :icondark-side-of-me-8x18:

:star: Affiliates :star:

:star: Directories :star:
None so far, it will be remedied as well.

This ends the first of many; if you have any comments, helpful suggestions, criticism, or what have you, please note and you will receive a response as soon as we can get back to you.

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