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March 23, 2011


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[edit 3] Lots of things have happened since part 7 of FT has come out! XD There's more if I had the time, I know.
Backstory with Zechs and Noin first in the Specials (when they were 10, if you can believe it)
Zechs is STILL alive, it was Noin's evil older brother Nix-Duef Noinheim who was shot.
Some weird things apparently going on with Treize and his mother.
Heero's father was Odin. Yeah, the man who raised him.
Relena's got Milliardo's Zechs mask.
Father Duo is Duo Maxwell, but he was married to Hilde (before she died) but Duo Jr. is their adopted kid, apparently.
Zechs and Noin have two kids, spitting images of their parents, but fraternal twins. The boy is seemingly starting to get shipped with Quatre's daughter?
The Capital of Mars is Relena City (WTF?)
Treize is the grand nephew of the original Heero Yuy, while Heero is also related to Trant Clark.
UHM. There is more. XD but I don't remember them all off the top of my head, feel free to yell!

[edit 2] Well, well, there may be someone who will be willing to translate the novel for us. XD Sooo...we have another source, woo!
[edit] I'm gonna probably explode and AAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
Okay, it's confirmed Z and N are back, they have TWINS! Yey!
And then Milliardo gets shot (AHEM, ASSASSINATED, apparently being the president of...mars or something? and all) in the FOREHEAD. And there's a silver haired kid by the name of Zechs Merquise behind Noin when this happens. I.
Excuse me but THE HELL?
This is crack fanfiction at its best.… <--scroll down slowly

Because all the COOL KIDS recognize this sort of thing early.
Okay, we're kinda sorta early/late.



No word yet on where Zechs and Noin are (considering the setting is supposed to be MARS, that's amazing), but there's still hope. So far there's the child of Sally Po (the main character, it seems, C/Kathy), a Father Maxwell (rumored to be Duo older), and a young boy (his son) named Duo Maxwell. There's also an amazing amount of references and data written by Treize K. and Sally herself, files that C/Kathy is to find.
Rumor has it that it may be a bridge to another bit of GW. :)
Here's hoping!

Anyone else get any more material on this, we'd be most grateful! Also, keep drawing/writing, we're loving what we can find. :)

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Also, i remember that Quatre's Sister Katherine she likes both Zechs' son and Trowa Phobos...XD *big Trowa fan* and Also, Katherine Bloom has changed a good bit in FT, she seems really obsessed with her knife throwing more in FT XD.
I myself have been keeping updates on it XD,I'm so excited for him and Noin, ^^ as well as...Duo and Hilde XD. I love both ^^. I kind of wish though, that Trieze would've lived, because who would've known, maybe they would've had a future also ^^ XD
StrafeBreaker Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Trant Clark, related to Heero Yuy original/Ex President of the colonies or Heero Yuy code name/Gundam Pilot?
im sooooooooooooo excited to read more of this ^_^, im a biggg fan of zechs and noin:D, also trieze with une, i wonder if une's mentioned any?0.o, and duo and hilde ^^
KorsithKoris Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Une so far has just been idly mentioned as Dorothy's second in command (Dorothy appears to be the President of the Earth, of all things). And Duo and Hilde..uh...well. They're having massive marital problems. Let's..just say that for now.
aweee, i love une xDD. noin,une,sally, and relenia are my fav chicks xDD.
KorsithKoris Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They're all really awesome! Very underrated.
Yushh foresure x33
wolfalchemist01 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
i hope this goes somewhere really. ive been living on gundam wing when it was on xD even went to my neighbour once to borrow his universal remote so i could watch it :D cause my mom hid the original one of the tv. it worked so no one got me from the tv xD
Angel-no-Crux Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
I just wanted to post about that, but you got ahead me, KorsithKoris hehehe...yeah, yesterday I read about Milliardo being murdered and I was like nooooo....and now I read DeaconBlues post and my mind exploted (in a good way) indeed hoorray for ZxN twins (i wonder how they would like *_*)...February Ace Issue would be awesome! it's pretty interesting...I'll continue reading :P
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